my life in a movie

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button

rules are: you can't skip a song if it's already playing. i don't care of it's britney spears or something embarrassing like... a techno version pussycat dolls or whatever :D you have to be honest, and lay your soul (playlist) to bare!

Opening Credits:
blue orchid - the white stripes

Falling in love:
figures - the whitest boy alive

Sex Scene:
flashing lights - kanye west ft. dwele
hahaha niice

Breaking Up:
boom, boom, boom, boom - venga boys
now that doesnt make sense, unless i take to having revenge sex or something

Life's OK:
tick tick boom - the hives

Mental Breakdown:
better together - jack johnson

coffee and cigarettes - augustana

Final Battle:
is this is - the strokes

Death Scene:
chestnuts roasting on an open fire - nat king cole

Funeral Scene:
drive - incubus

End Credits:
the police and the private - metric




yes siree, tomorrow my mother, brother, aunty and i are making a special little trip to one of my altime favourtire places in the whole world (no exaggeration!)...THE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!
taking a family holiday to new zealand for the next two weeks and im just starting to get excited! usually i dont get excited about holidays until i am either AT the airport (mainly because i absolutely go crazy and love airports, not sure why, just something/everything about them!) or getting off the aeroplane at the destination.
i think the main reasons i am looking forward to this trip are:
1. first holiday with mum since parents split in 2004 :0
2. getting away and experiencing a diff. culture
3. apparantly its b-e-a-u-tiful over there :)
4. any over sea's holiday is cause for excitement really ;)

so yeah, i will try and get to a computer at least once while over there, and possibly be able to say a quick HI on here, but if now you'll know where i am

have a save rest-of-holidays and dont miss me tooooo much (i know its hard!)




there are exactly 23 days, 05 hours, 42 minutes and....15 seconds until my 17th birthday!\




ok, so, today, i have been going through all of my old school stuff/spring (ok ok summer!) cleaning my book shelve and desk in preparation formy LAST YEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL!
and...whilst scrounging through the mountains of useless sheets of paper that i will never need/want to look at again, i came across a scrap book diary type thing that i kept back in grade 7/8.
i am so glad i kept it because it has provided me with hours oh entertainment as i read back on how innocent and young i used to be.
to share with you how hilarious i was as a youngen', i have decided to recite a poem that i wrote in grade 8 as i was starting high school. let me remind you that at the time i was living in a caravan park (it was a very bad period of my life, but pretty funny now) and had just moved to the sunshine coast from brisbane to start high school at maroochy high...
well here goes, and i beg you...please dont hold this amazing poem against me, as jealous as you may be that i was such a genius as an eigth grader!

High School
always rushing to get to class,
would just like to enjoy the grass,
instead it's all run here, run there
wish i could float away in the air,
some friends are the greatest,
others not so much!
when i finally get home to relax,
i find a pile of homework
waiting for me!
but i know its all worth it,
after all its high school!

hahahahaha i am laughing just writing it. told you you'd be jealous! i am so amazing, i even surprise myself sometimes haha.
other things that i wrote in the book in question make me cringe. i honestly do not know how i turned out so sane. i was ridiculously shallow then, well not so much shallow, as close-minded and teeny bopper-ish...blegh

hope i was able to put a smile on your face, even though i may also have seriously damaged the amount of respect i have in your eyes, it was worth it just to make you laugh (awwwwww <3)



star sign


daring, delightfully different and always distinctive, aquarians have an unusual, one-off appeal. aquamarine, electric blue and rainbow combinations embody their electric, often otherworldly, qualities.

not sure if it fits or not? what do you think?
also, i am thinking of getting a tattoo, these are my options...
one on my wrist with either...

the eye of horus
an ancient egyptian symbol of protection and power

egyptian ankh
ancient symbol cherishing and affirming life and peace

aquarius star sign
annd on my ankle, or some other part of my body...

a peacock feather...


im not sure how i cam across it but i have been going crazy reading a blog called 'fail blog'
it is filled with images and videos of things that have just gone so wrong haha

anyway, here is the link


check it out, its really funny!




this was my sixth woodford folk festival and it was a ripper!
i saw some great bands, met some great people and danced so much that my feet are still sore!
some of the highlights were:

the herd
the kin
ash grunwald
mr percival

augie march
bob evans
jackson jackson
josh pyke
kate miller-heidke
that 1 guy
the bird
the boat people
the gin club
true live
wild marmalade

my highlights for this year would probably be melodics and the kin (whom i also saw last year) and the lead singer of the melodics and the brothers from the kin are cousins! and have the same manager, who is their uncle! except their uncle is like the same age as them.
i got to meet the kin, which was awesome! and taught their manager how to dance to yodelling haha it was very fun

there were so many hilarious moments throughout the week, as i spent it with some pretty hilarious people (sophie, sophia, eloise, hannah p, hannah w) including when we snuch drinks into the festival by holding the bottles between our legs under our dresses (well that was alarming hahaha) and when sophia snuck some in by putting vodka in a zip lock bag and hiding it in her pants, however it spilt and hahaha it was so funny!
i also learnt that eloise always takes jokes that one step too far!! which is great for making the original joke even funnier. eg:

h: 'i got so tanned, i was like aboriginal'
j: 'haha be funny if you came to school and your skin was black and you were like i got really burnt on the weekend!'
e: 'hahhahaha yea and then someone comes up to you and says hey you got a really bad fake tan, but its not even fake tan, its just black paint'

ok it may not seem that funny just reading it but it was THE funnies thing i have ever heard her say!
i love woodford! it is so amazing and i cant wait for the next one!

there will be more pictures to come as i get them off people!