have you ever
been so happy that you're sad?
that the lights turn to stars
and the stars become eyes
and hellos are goodbyes
and the laughs are the sighs
and the show disappears with a note
until next time

do you ever look around
and find what is yet to be found?

lyrics: the cat empire
image: fffound.com





so sad, yet so hilarious!
and i really want to see the one below!

cute cute cute cute CUTE!

is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen IN YOUR WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE?
everytime i look at it, i just start to giggle because its so damn cute!
i wish i was the human equivalent, of that little ball of fur (minus the fur!)
its eyes are so beautiful, it even looks like it has eyeliner on :D

cute bunny found here


not quite good enough.

note/s to self: stop and look at the sky, eat good food, keep in good company, make new friends, smile, be honest and truthful, take time to relax, listen to music, stay positive.

"just when the caterpillar through the world was over...it turned into a butterfly"

above image by james jean


lurve lyfe

i am a lover of good music. i love going to see live music
but you see, i have this little incling that that the universe is slowly trying to turn me into a hermit,
depriving me of all musical goodness.
below is the proof to prove this fact...

noosa vibe festival = mums birthday party
the big o = step grand mothers 80th birthday party in cairns
west end festival = dads deck warming party
splendour in the grass = school formal
byron bay blues fest = camping with fam for easter

that is all so far i think. but who knows how many more gigs i am destined to miss?
fair well world.
going to crawl back into my music/fun/lifeless shell now :D


day one, term two, year twelve, two thousand and nine

i think i enjoyed today?
pretty sure i did? i can't tell.
i guess it wasnt super great, but it nothing bad happened either.
so...mediocre i guess? soo indecisive at the moment haha
not particularly looking forward to the next term, but maybe it will surprise me and be super fun and school will be a breeze
a girl can dream...

i had a sort of epiphany last night. i was looking at a good friends images on myspace and i just thought...
'you are going to be a star one day' (hence the new blog title!)
and i have no doubt that she will be. i hope we stay friends.

no idea where the image is from. soz.


ahh farewell my beloved summer. this morning was very chilly.
winter is moving in fast :(/:)

image found here

happy list 1.

school starts back tomorrow, term 2.
the year is going so so fast already, so i think i need to remember to take some time out and get to know what is making me happy,
i want to remind myself of the little things in life, so that i remember that the world is much bigger than just me and my problems.
slightly twisted logic, but it works in my mind ;)

1. op-shops. once you start to shop in them, it is prettyy much impossible to stop. im addicted :) but it makes me happy to know that the money i am spending goes to charity and that the clothes have a history (even if they are a little smelly sometimes)

2. reading. school books are going to take up all of my reading time for the next year probably, but i love reading, becoming immersed in a totally different world :)

3. postcards. avant card is, by far, THE best company in the world! their free postcards never cease to excite me and add a little joy into my day when i find a reallly good one!

so there i go. happy list numero uno :)
good luck to fellow school goers for tomorrow, "yayyy school" (y)


rumoured lineup for this year's splendour...

Birds of Tokyo
Bloc Party
Friendly Fires
Glass Towers
Gutter Twins
Jack Ladder
Janes Addiction
Josh Pyke
Hilltop Hoods
Leader Cheetah
Little Birdy
Midnight Juggernauts
Polaroid Fame
The Flaming Lips
The Middle East
The Specials
White Lies
Yves Klein Blue

not quite as impressive as last years, but then it might just be made up
although mgmt are performing in NZ at pretty much the same time as splendour will be there, which seems more than a little suspicious
soo yeah. i probably wont have enough money to go, but would still be good haha
anyone want to 'sponsor' me to go?



ewwww. this site has officially convinced me to eat healthy from now on.
what makes people want to make, let alone eat, these foods is completely beyond me
it is deeeesgusstinnggggg. blegh



today my mumsie took me to the movies :D
it was just me and her because my bro is grounded and peter stayed with him haha
but that was well and fine by me
i remember when i was little i would always wish that mum and i could go on a holiday, just the two of us
wishful thinking really.

anyywayyyyyyy...mum chose the movie and boy did she choose well
anyone who like music, the 60's, comedy and good looking boys
THE BOAT THAT ROCKED is for you!!!
gah it is so so good! my new favourite movie!!
Tom Sturridge plays Carl in the movie and is muy muy attractivo!
but just the plot and oh the CAST is so goooddd!
some of the more notable names are: bill nighy, philip seymor hoffman, rhys darby (flight of the conchords), chris o'dowd (the it crowd), katherine parkinson (the it crowd), nick frost


Tom Sturridge as Carl

Bill Nighy as Quentin

Chris O'Dowd as Simon

Rhys Darby as Angus

Tom Sturridge <3 style="text-align: left;">xo


splendid (art.ideas.experience)

if you are a young and emerging artist, then i suggest you check this out...


its hosted by the people who run 'splendor in the grass' and is pretty much just a great opportunity for anyone interesting in any form of artistic practice!


easter so farrr

soo from good friday till today (easter sunday) i have been away camping in...well...the middle of no-where really
i can never really remember where it is, i just know its called 'the block'
havent been there is 3 years but it really hasnt changed much haha
still have to heat up the water for a shower on the fire
still have to cook toast over the fire
still have to go to the toilet in a tin shed thingy
BUT it was quite relaxing
i did nothingmuch , because there wasnt really much TO do
not all was lost though, i did learn how to play a new card game - euka (not sure how to spell it)
its alot like 500 but more confusing
i also learnt how to do cut the deck in this awesome cool new way
which will apparantly make me look like a real cark shark ;)
i am now also a master toast cooker
and quite good at setting up tents

all in all, it was alright
better than school anyway :D


thanks to rach for above image.