take me back

to the sweet times, happy nights
everything is gonna be alright
in the summertime, oh baby in the summertime...

terrible quality i know
but the smiling faces of all my best friends (well most of them) makes up for it


did i mention...

that i won tickets to BLOC PARTAYYYY!
i got an email yesterday informing me that my tickets are in the post
and i almost wet my pants

on other news, christmas is on the way
and whilst i am aware that there are some scrouges out there (sophie!)
i still love it, and nothing could ever ruin it for me
and i have found the perfect way to celebrate the season
brisbane city christmas lights tour!

exciting i know!
if you are my friend and you would like to come with me
please please please let me know!
and if you are a certain friend of mine who doesn't want to come...
well, just be expecting a little surprise ambush sometime between the 16th and 21st of december!

peace out. doodle-brain.


why do we need sleep anyways?

this is why we need sleep, according to scientists...

"it restores the body’s energy supplies that have been depleted through the day’s activities.Sleep is also the time when the body does most of its repair work; muscle tissue is rebuilt and restored"

yeah, well, maybe i don't WANT to restore my depleted energy
maybe ill just live on V and coffee
and maybe then i would actually be able to get enough study/homework/things i actually WANT to do...done!
but no, instead my stubborn body insists on getting 8 hours of sleep a night
i hate it.

ways to stay awake:
coffee :D

V (energy drinks)

scare myself into total awakeness


well that's my options
the first two are probably the easiest
and therefore, the ones i will most likely use.



i love how music can have such an effect on my mood
and i love summer
i love the cool breeze on a hot night, it tells me that christmas is coming
and that makes me happy
not because of the presents or anything self-obsessed like that
no, it makes me happy because christmas brings everyone together
family, friends, even strangers
i love being with my family on christmas

we sit around and play cards, tell jokes, play cluedo, play pranks, tell stories
even if we are just eating dinner
it is all together
and with friends, christmas means the close of another year
and everyone is happy and relieved to have survived another school year
and this will be my last official christmas break
because my chrsitmas break next year will be forever, in a way
because it will be the end of high school, forever

song for the moment: 8 become 1 by norwegian recycling!

i love smiles.


it is
and i do not feel the slightest bit tired!
yay for me hey!

you know when you just get a sudden hit of happiness?
well, thats what iv got now
and i am LOVING it!

i wish i could live in this dream world!
even just for a day

artwork by jon edwards


face your pockets

really cool pictures! gives me some good ideas for vis. art...