urthboy @ goma uplate

soph, clare, eloise, james, nikki, thom and i went to goma uplate awhile ago and saw urthboy perform.
it was so so sooooo freakin good.
i thought it was even better than seeing the herd, because it was a smaller venue and we got to talk to jane and urthboy after :D

i know i've already posted about it but...


one of THE best times in my year
thinking of all the funny things that happened never fails to cheer me up
and this year i went with probably the best group i have ever gone with
(sophie, sophia, hannah w, hannah p, eloise)
'the fesival song' by pez reminds me so much of woodford
it pretty much descibes the whole festival experience!

lets recap:
4/6 of the coolest camp in the woorrllldddd

amphi mosh pit (notice sophia looking dazed in the bottom right corner)

NYE at the grande. everyone has a candle and lights it for the 3 mins silence at 11:30pm

some guy had a horse


if you are thinking of going this year (09/10) then i highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend it!

shoot me

for i have been very very bad
i have not blogged in quite a while.
BUT i have a very valid excuse (although i dont know why im making excuses to a computer)...
i want to write about what i did in my holidays, but i have to wait to get the photos from some of the events before i can post about it.
so you'll all just have to wait abit!



ps. im 17 now :)