bleached or unbleached? you decide...

hey fellas/fellettes
in vis. art ages ago i made this experimental work...
yesterday, i attacked it with bleach (y)...
(the colours in the one above are more vibrant on the actual work.)
so, which one do you like better??
thanks a bunch!!




lately, i feel like i am in the shadows of real life, watching everything else go by but not really going anywhere myself. im just the imprint of something real. im make-believe.

enjoy your life, and your tomorrow.

*image by me.



yes, i do believe that today IS going to be a good day :)
yesterday was ALSO a good day. i went to see steph's theatre IP (which was great btw! even if it did have a confusing ending, which was actually a mistake lol)
we drove hannah and adeline home, and got dinner on the way to their place
it was rather funny!

QUT was also pretty good, we have FINALLY gotten to the Dada movement! i think soon i will do a post with my favourite works from the movements! there are some really awesome ones.

now...who wants to go make a sound poem with me?? any takers?? any??


lost at sea.

my most recent "resolved" (im really beginning to hate that word) artwork.
it is an installed sculptural piece that combines nature and mans intervention.
(photos are unedited)

first time i have actually posted my own artwork.
its abit daunting.



i got this sent to me by a close friend of mine
she never fails to brighten my day and never ceases to amaze me!
(you know who you are...!)

my motto for the day is, in the words of monty python...
"always look on the bright side of life *whistle whistle whistle whistle whisttlleeeee*!"



i should try and remember these.
im trying really hard at the moment to put others before myself, but its getting a little difficult in some situations.
im trying really hard to give something up, i have held onto it for too long.



brothers and sisters

i have really started to get into this show! i know its been going for awhile, but i only saw an episode of it the other day. it has comedy, tragedy and romance all balled up into one good-lookin' family!
makes me wish i had a big family, with lots of brothers and sisters! even though id probably hate it if i actually did, the show makes it look so much more interesting that just one sibling.




i think that cameron diaz looks beautiful in this picture.
i liked her hair better dark.
this makes me feel like having a charlies angels marathon! the first one was on tv the other night, but i didnt watch it because i have seen that one too many times. apparantly there is a new one coming out soon? or maybe i am just making that up haha.

another movie coming out soon that i really really REALLY want to see is My Sister's Keeper, based on the novel by Jodi Piccoult by the same name. it is one of my favourite books, it is so sad :( if you havent read it then i highly recommend it! but keep a box of tissues near by.
ha i just googled 'my sisters keeper' and cameron diaz is actually in my sisters keeper.
how ironic lol.



the most beautiful boy alive.

is this not the most beautiful boy you have ever seen?
just look at his eyes! i think i have a fixation with eyes.
and smiles...*drools*
today was a pretty good day as far as days go. i had QUT with soph, which always provides much entertainment (we finally discovered friend 3's name)
the only down side was that i have had a sore throat all day, and now my nose is running and my head is abit sore.
fingers crossed i dont get the flu...it is influenza season after all, eep.

image by Laura Encursiva