i've been planning this artwork for awhile now.
what i wanted to do originally was to get my ultrasound (from when i wasnt born yet, not from be being pregnant, caus i havent been lol), my brothers ultra sound (again from when he was in mums tummy haha, i make myself laugh) and the ultra sound of mum's miscarriage from last year
i then wanted to overlay finger prints over mine and martins, but not over the last one
to show how individual fingerprints are, yet also to highlight ones individuality and the effect of time on an individual
howeverrrr, mum couldnt find mine or the unborn babies ultra sounds so iv had to try and rework it abit
i'v used martins ultrasound and my finger prints and fiddled with them abit on photoshop
here are some of the results (dodgy quality screen shots soz):

if i do end up resolving them and using them in my final exhibition i only want to use three
any suggestions/comments would be highly appreciated :D

thankssss xx


the soloist

this movie looks so good
plus it has robert downey jr in it who is a babe for his age :)


the office :P

haha love ricky gervais
please someone learn to dance like this!


veronica mars :D

what word would best describe the first time we met?
thats organic and orgasmic :D
you know its true :P


life atm

YTV was on the weekend, it was very very very veryyyy fun!!! thanks to everyone involved for making it such an awesome show!
im so tired now though :( and there is so much work i have to do and so little time to do it in
im not motivated and the internet does not help AT ALL!!!



i have been sick the past few days
which means alot of lying of the couch, drinking lemonade, watching movies, and feeling guilty about missing out on school
BUT i did watch two very good movies

the first was mirrormask, which is (and i quote off of the case) the story of helena, who works for the family circus and wishes - quite ironically - that she could run away and join real life.
but such is not to be the case, as she finds herself on a strange journey in the Dark Lands, a fantastic landscape filled with giants, monkeybirds and dangerous sphinxes.
helena searches for the mirrormask, an object of enormous power that is her only hope of escaping the Dark Lands, waking the Queen of Light and returning home.

i think i liked this movie so much because of its originality. the story line really caught my attenting and the cinematography was amazing...so many good shots :)

the second film that was memorable from the past week was 'my blueberry nights'
starring jude law, natalie portman and norah jones (and not just her music, she's like the main character)
the story is about broken hearts and it follows elizabeth (aka norah jones) as she tries to heal hers

i highly recomment both movies if you havent already seen them :)

Shadows of my Mind

this is an artwork that i started ages ago and have just "resolved"
the composition took me so long to figure out and finalize, but i finally did it :)
its been entered into the ministers awards this year, so we'll see how it goes
let me know what you think

formalll :)

here are the professional photos that i liked from my recent school formal
it was a really fun night and everyone looked so great :)