i've been planning this artwork for awhile now.
what i wanted to do originally was to get my ultrasound (from when i wasnt born yet, not from be being pregnant, caus i havent been lol), my brothers ultra sound (again from when he was in mums tummy haha, i make myself laugh) and the ultra sound of mum's miscarriage from last year
i then wanted to overlay finger prints over mine and martins, but not over the last one
to show how individual fingerprints are, yet also to highlight ones individuality and the effect of time on an individual
howeverrrr, mum couldnt find mine or the unborn babies ultra sounds so iv had to try and rework it abit
i'v used martins ultrasound and my finger prints and fiddled with them abit on photoshop
here are some of the results (dodgy quality screen shots soz):

if i do end up resolving them and using them in my final exhibition i only want to use three
any suggestions/comments would be highly appreciated :D

thankssss xx


Anonymous said...

the first three :)

rosie said...

this is a really, really cool idea for an artwork jess. i like them a lot. my favourite is the second one.

one idea i had looking at them - maybe you could use the bottom one (the darkest), the second one that is kind of brown and then one of the other two, that are both lighter and white-ish.
and you could arrange them from dark to light, and that could represent being born (darkness of womb - light), but also a metaphor for growing up, realising things? like how light can be symbolic of an epiphany/understanding, you "see the light" of the situation.

the whole darkness --> light thing reminded me of a story from plato

just if any of that fits in with your theme/concep t:)