i love how music can have such an effect on my mood
and i love summer
i love the cool breeze on a hot night, it tells me that christmas is coming
and that makes me happy
not because of the presents or anything self-obsessed like that
no, it makes me happy because christmas brings everyone together
family, friends, even strangers
i love being with my family on christmas

we sit around and play cards, tell jokes, play cluedo, play pranks, tell stories
even if we are just eating dinner
it is all together
and with friends, christmas means the close of another year
and everyone is happy and relieved to have survived another school year
and this will be my last official christmas break
because my chrsitmas break next year will be forever, in a way
because it will be the end of high school, forever

song for the moment: 8 become 1 by norwegian recycling!

i love smiles.

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