happy list 1.

school starts back tomorrow, term 2.
the year is going so so fast already, so i think i need to remember to take some time out and get to know what is making me happy,
i want to remind myself of the little things in life, so that i remember that the world is much bigger than just me and my problems.
slightly twisted logic, but it works in my mind ;)

1. op-shops. once you start to shop in them, it is prettyy much impossible to stop. im addicted :) but it makes me happy to know that the money i am spending goes to charity and that the clothes have a history (even if they are a little smelly sometimes)

2. reading. school books are going to take up all of my reading time for the next year probably, but i love reading, becoming immersed in a totally different world :)

3. postcards. avant card is, by far, THE best company in the world! their free postcards never cease to excite me and add a little joy into my day when i find a reallly good one!

so there i go. happy list numero uno :)
good luck to fellow school goers for tomorrow, "yayyy school" (y)

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