easter so farrr

soo from good friday till today (easter sunday) i have been away camping in...well...the middle of no-where really
i can never really remember where it is, i just know its called 'the block'
havent been there is 3 years but it really hasnt changed much haha
still have to heat up the water for a shower on the fire
still have to cook toast over the fire
still have to go to the toilet in a tin shed thingy
BUT it was quite relaxing
i did nothingmuch , because there wasnt really much TO do
not all was lost though, i did learn how to play a new card game - euka (not sure how to spell it)
its alot like 500 but more confusing
i also learnt how to do cut the deck in this awesome cool new way
which will apparantly make me look like a real cark shark ;)
i am now also a master toast cooker
and quite good at setting up tents

all in all, it was alright
better than school anyway :D


thanks to rach for above image.

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