this was my sixth woodford folk festival and it was a ripper!
i saw some great bands, met some great people and danced so much that my feet are still sore!
some of the highlights were:

the herd
the kin
ash grunwald
mr percival

augie march
bob evans
jackson jackson
josh pyke
kate miller-heidke
that 1 guy
the bird
the boat people
the gin club
true live
wild marmalade

my highlights for this year would probably be melodics and the kin (whom i also saw last year) and the lead singer of the melodics and the brothers from the kin are cousins! and have the same manager, who is their uncle! except their uncle is like the same age as them.
i got to meet the kin, which was awesome! and taught their manager how to dance to yodelling haha it was very fun

there were so many hilarious moments throughout the week, as i spent it with some pretty hilarious people (sophie, sophia, eloise, hannah p, hannah w) including when we snuch drinks into the festival by holding the bottles between our legs under our dresses (well that was alarming hahaha) and when sophia snuck some in by putting vodka in a zip lock bag and hiding it in her pants, however it spilt and hahaha it was so funny!
i also learnt that eloise always takes jokes that one step too far!! which is great for making the original joke even funnier. eg:

h: 'i got so tanned, i was like aboriginal'
j: 'haha be funny if you came to school and your skin was black and you were like i got really burnt on the weekend!'
e: 'hahhahaha yea and then someone comes up to you and says hey you got a really bad fake tan, but its not even fake tan, its just black paint'

ok it may not seem that funny just reading it but it was THE funnies thing i have ever heard her say!
i love woodford! it is so amazing and i cant wait for the next one!

there will be more pictures to come as i get them off people!

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sophie; said...

hahaha that bit about eloise made me chuckle
she's a dahllll