god bless us, every one

i, jessica margaret brain, am proud to admit that i love christmas.
i love spending time with my family and playing games and seeing everyone happy and together. i know that not everyone shares in my absolute adoration of this time of year, but i just hope that maybe i can rub off on them a little and spread the love!
tomorrow i will be leaving to go to esk and have christmas eve/day with my dad and his family, so i wanted to wish everyone a very merry christmas, and (if i dont get to post before then) an even better New Years!

i have some traditions that i participate in every year at christmas time. number one is seeing the christmas lights in my local area, i did that tonight with mum, martin, peter, kynnan, maddy and georgie (last 3 are peters kids, they're nice!). the cleveland uniting church was by far the winner and they even had live music (strings playing christmas carols!!)
the second tradition is that every year, at christmas time, i watch a taped-off-tv copy of 'The Muppets Christmas Carol'. It is my absolute FAVOURITE christmas movie and i still giggle at all the funny parts and sing along to all the songs!
im not sure how to add a video to this so just click HERE (please!) and listen to my favourite song from the movie :D and if you have never seen the muppets christmas carol then i highly recommend it!

merry christmas to all my friends out there, i hope you remember to tell your family you love them and have a great time over the next few days! you are all amazing people and i wouldn't be who i am without knowing you all :)

xo doodle brain


Jessus said...

hey i think you have a cool blog
- do u mind if i tagged u in my blog?

jessus said...

ive been blogging for years now
started with blogger lol but kept changing blog hosts =_='''

sharing a blog with a fellow friend too before nuffnang enticed me - but figured mehh i wont get money off them lol so might go back to wordpress ><'