update on mr. rubber band ball

well i promised to post a photo of the new and improved rubber band ball, so here it is...
size compared to my hand ^

size compared to my face (cheesy/proud smile) ^

so, im pretty sure you can see what i mean now about the colour layers and about how BIG its gotten :)
i am so proud!
and the one rule with rubber band balls is that you'r not allowed to BUY the rubber bands, you have to find them! so that makes it even more impressive i think!
i just googled 'world's biggest rubber band ball' and oh my godd! it is HUGE!! check it out...

that dude on top will be me one day, except obviously not a guy and a bigger rubber band ball so i can beat his record 6-foot tall (as tall as me :0 ) sphere!
last year, when i first started making the rubber band ball, clare/rosie planned a surprise for me and made a trail of rubber band to my locker! it was so good because i 'found them' and didnt buy them or anything! that was also around the time of secret santa last year in k block hahaha and that reminds me of when clare and i filled emma's locker with seed pods because she said i was a bad secret santa! that was so funny haha!!
clare, if you're reading this...you're a great friend!

xo doodle brain

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natalie said...

haha it would be funny, if whilst taking the photo of the rubber band ball near your face, it would happen to snap and hit you in the eye.
in fact, that's not really funny at all D:

i just happened to cringe a little at that thought when i looked a that photo.

nice rubber band ball btw :)