skinny skinny skin skinsss!!!
one of my absolute favourite shows is coming back for a third season!
sure the characters are all different (bar one) now, but i do not CARE!
it will still be funny and original and so gooodd!!
please feel quite free to click on the names to read all about the new characters!

(the only remaining character)
(had a small appearance in previous episode)cook
i am really looking forward to seeing how the new season plays out with all these fresh faces! if you read the profiles then you'll see that it sounds pretty good so far, they give you a bit of a background on the characters and i think that effy and jj are going to be my favourites, but never know, that could change!
my favourite characters from season 1 and 2 were chris and cassie, although maxxie was pretty cool too (and hot...meoww!)

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