star sign


daring, delightfully different and always distinctive, aquarians have an unusual, one-off appeal. aquamarine, electric blue and rainbow combinations embody their electric, often otherworldly, qualities.

not sure if it fits or not? what do you think?
also, i am thinking of getting a tattoo, these are my options...
one on my wrist with either...

the eye of horus
an ancient egyptian symbol of protection and power

egyptian ankh
ancient symbol cherishing and affirming life and peace

aquarius star sign
annd on my ankle, or some other part of my body...

a peacock feather...


Jessus said...

i wanted a tattoo too!!!
waiting for some inspiration XD
i vote for the eye of horus =)

HANNAH-ZOË said...

I want a tattoo as well, i like the peacock feather one, I am thinking of the sagittarion symbol (its a little arrow) strangely I got the idea of the sagittarius pandora bead!

sophie; said...

peacock feather jess doodle brain!!