ok, so, today, i have been going through all of my old school stuff/spring (ok ok summer!) cleaning my book shelve and desk in preparation formy LAST YEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL!
and...whilst scrounging through the mountains of useless sheets of paper that i will never need/want to look at again, i came across a scrap book diary type thing that i kept back in grade 7/8.
i am so glad i kept it because it has provided me with hours oh entertainment as i read back on how innocent and young i used to be.
to share with you how hilarious i was as a youngen', i have decided to recite a poem that i wrote in grade 8 as i was starting high school. let me remind you that at the time i was living in a caravan park (it was a very bad period of my life, but pretty funny now) and had just moved to the sunshine coast from brisbane to start high school at maroochy high...
well here goes, and i beg you...please dont hold this amazing poem against me, as jealous as you may be that i was such a genius as an eigth grader!

High School
always rushing to get to class,
would just like to enjoy the grass,
instead it's all run here, run there
wish i could float away in the air,
some friends are the greatest,
others not so much!
when i finally get home to relax,
i find a pile of homework
waiting for me!
but i know its all worth it,
after all its high school!

hahahahaha i am laughing just writing it. told you you'd be jealous! i am so amazing, i even surprise myself sometimes haha.
other things that i wrote in the book in question make me cringe. i honestly do not know how i turned out so sane. i was ridiculously shallow then, well not so much shallow, as close-minded and teeny bopper-ish...blegh

hope i was able to put a smile on your face, even though i may also have seriously damaged the amount of respect i have in your eyes, it was worth it just to make you laugh (awwwwww <3)


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Chommy said...

hey I'm a friend of Rachel's xD
I read your poem and was deeply moved by such heartfelt sentiment at such a young age lol