yes siree, tomorrow my mother, brother, aunty and i are making a special little trip to one of my altime favourtire places in the whole world (no exaggeration!)...THE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT!
taking a family holiday to new zealand for the next two weeks and im just starting to get excited! usually i dont get excited about holidays until i am either AT the airport (mainly because i absolutely go crazy and love airports, not sure why, just something/everything about them!) or getting off the aeroplane at the destination.
i think the main reasons i am looking forward to this trip are:
1. first holiday with mum since parents split in 2004 :0
2. getting away and experiencing a diff. culture
3. apparantly its b-e-a-u-tiful over there :)
4. any over sea's holiday is cause for excitement really ;)

so yeah, i will try and get to a computer at least once while over there, and possibly be able to say a quick HI on here, but if now you'll know where i am

have a save rest-of-holidays and dont miss me tooooo much (i know its hard!)


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