well, i am at home today
i think i have tonsillitis
in any case, i feel pretty shit
i made myself a honey and lemon tea before
it hurt to drink it, but boy did it taste nice!

oh and...
i CANNOT wait till woodford! it is going to be so fun
and its only in...wait for it...FIFTY-NINE days!
and now, the moment you've all been waiting for...the line up!
there are tons of great acts going, and these are the ones i'm looking forward to seeing:

- ash grunwald
- augie march
- bob evans
- doch
- the black seeds
- jackson jackson
- josh pyke
- kate miller-heidke
- lior
- mr. percival
- that 1 guy
- the bird
- the boat people
- the herd
- the kin
- wild marmalade
- the gin club

i have a very strong feeling that i am going to DANCE MY PANTS OFF
mental note: pack extra pants


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