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island vibe

ok, so, the weekend...went to the island vibe festival on straddie.
it was extremely fun and full of at least three new experiences

some of the bands i saw:

During the last 12 years The Bird have established a solid reputation as one of Australia’s finest
live electronic dance outfits, and in the studio have continued to push musical boundaries. Primarily a live band, The Bird have developed a nationwide following for their brand of uptempo and dynamic performances.> awesome drum beats, great to dance to!

Beware all ye who enter into the sphere of the Voodoo Circus, blood, nudity, zombies, fire, rum & Caribbean beatniks!! Spawned in the grottoes of Melbourne & swampy outskirts of Brisbane a motley crew of abstract shaman hipsters took the form of Voodoo Circus. Compromised of zombie acrobats, headless burlesquers, sacrificial virgins & the occasional possessed dancer, the Island Vibe performances promise to be the most sacrilegious & chaotic the Circus has undergone. Expect the unexpected, see the unseeable, dance the undanceable VOODOO CIRCUS.

> i only have one word to say...FREAKY FREAKY FREAKY!! i got fake blood on my cardigan and am pretty sure i squeezed the life out of sam's hand.

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