time to be selfish

things i want atm:
i want a boy bestfriend
i want a hot chip sandwich
i want my cat to stop scratching me, especially on the squishy parts of my fingers cause that really hurts
i want to have unlimited free txting
i want my bed to be fixed :( poor beddy
i want to live in the spare room instead of the bedroom i have
i want icecream
i want to eat as much as i want and not get fat
i want new togs
i want to party
i want to finish school, but i also want to keep seeing my friends everyday
i want to go to the beach more
i want to get my p's without having to go for the test :S
i want to be able to read peoples minds
i want to never have to sleep
i want to be young again just for a day or two
i want to get to know my grandma better
i want to learn how to ride horses then ride one on the beach at sunrise
i want one of those small portable externals hard drives that you dont need to plug into the wall for it to work
i want to watch all episodes of scrubs, gossip girl, 90210 etc.
i want to be a little shorter so i can wear heels and not look like the bfg
i want to watch the bfg now that i think of it
i wanttt...to be really good at something

that is all for now, hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday
peace love ecstacy unity respectttttt

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