got tons of new music today off people at school [whos name i will not mention ;) ]

- architecture in helsinki
- the presets
- flight of the conchords
- lily allen

i will now be musically satisfied for quite a while im thinking :)
thanks so soph and josiah for your provisions!!

i want to feel like i am on top of everthing, like i can take on the world...

also, for pretty much the first time EVER i am really looking forward to it being winter,
probably because i desperately need new clothes haha
so im going to go shopping soon and stock up on nice wintery clothes!

ALSOOOO it was maddy birthday today :D

happy yadhtrib maddy!! (sophie and maddy will get the spelling hehe)

sophie took photos of me today during art lesson with roos macro lens
she loves that lens like a child haha
but thats probably not wuite right, because she doesnt really like children
so really she likes it like she likes...music?? abandoned houses?? me???

arent i just beautiful
i think the camera has a beautifying effect...

night night.


rachel may said...

your FACE has a beautifying effect




sophie; said...

i love that lens like i love you dear brain ;D